Bodybuilding Tips For Skinny Guys (Tips For Newbies)

Here are some tips for skinny guys who want to start bodybuilding. If you follow these together with the free bodybuilding programs I will share, combined with a healthy weight gain regimen, you are almost sure to succeed.

Bodybuilding Tip #1. Consider Your Body Type When Setting Your Bodybuilding Goals

One mistake commonly made by beginners is choosing a program unsuitable to their genetic make up. When they fail to gain desired results they end up quitting. The key to success is to know your body and adopt a muscle bodybuilding program which is correct for your type.

Every person’s capacity to grow muscles vary. Among the factors which influence muscle growth are: -how much protein synthesis can be created by your body -testosterone and cortisone levels and -insulin response.

How much do you really know about building muscle mass? If you don’t know much, how can you expect to be successful in muscle building? Bodybuilding for muscle growth requires A LOT of hard work, determination and lots and lots of mental and physical resilience. So if you’re going to do it you might as well do it the right way from the very start.

You have to consider your body type as well as it plays a role in muscle building.There are 3 types: -Mesomorphs are people who can grow muscles like weeds; -Endomorphs gain fat faster so they need to work out extra hard and -Ectomorphs are the naturally skinny type.

Your objective should be to maximize your body’s potential in obtaining muscle growth. Don’t expect to have the ability to develop your legs or biceps as fast as Mesomorphs if you have a different body type. Exert your efforts on realizing your body’s potentials.

Bodybuilding Tip #2: Educate Yourself

For years, I trained ignorantly before learning more about muscle building. My weight training program would depend on my moods, on how much weight I felt like working with or how motivated I felt that day. My muscle growth rate was insignificant.

Big mistake.

You have study and look for a weight training which is right for your situation and objectives. There are several ways such as getting a mentor, hiring a reputable trainer. You can also buy bodybuilding DVDs or educational multimedia bodybuilding programs. Just remember to make sure that your program is guaranteed and proven and study the program before starting.

Bodybuilding Tip #3. Model a Proven Plan to Getting Big Fast- and Stick to It!

After you’ve chosen a suitable program, commit to follow the program until you complete it, all the while tracking and monitoring your results. Be consistent and persistent.

If you do not see quick results within 2 weeks, don’t switch from one program to another. This is another foolish mistake and a sure way to failure. It’s like cooking with only half the ingredients and blaming the recipe when the meal sucks! (I should know, as I’m speaking from experience!)

You will only fail if you discontinue before the outcome become visible. Just take it one step at a time and adhere to one program.

A Muscle Building Program That Works Specially For Skinny Guys and Gals

If like me you have trouble putting on weight let alone muscle, the best muscle building program I have used is No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonte. For women, you can try No Nonsense Body Shaping for Women.

I think it worked for me because it wasn’t a one-dimensional approach. The program recognised that to be successful in bodybuilding, it is important to influence all the factors that affect muscle growth. These factors are:

  • lifestyle
  • nutrition
  • efficacy of your bodybuilding routine
  • your muscle recovery rate
  • hormone production and responses
  • metabolism
  • stress rate
  • your mindset

I also like the fact that it’s all natural and relying on excessive muscle supplements is actually discouraged because it isn’t the real thing.